Red Hullinger - The 2000 reunion tapes. Digitally remastered.




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1. Cowboy Jack
2. Strawberry Roan
3. You Don't See Him from the Road
4. Tied a Knot in the Devil's Tail
5. Rodeo Fan
6. Vivian Blue
7. Skyball Paint
8. Windy Bill
9. What Do You Do with a Cowboy
10. Who's Gonna Feed them Hogs
11. Watermelon Wine
12. Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
13. Do What You Do Do Well
14. Everything's a Waltz
15. I Still Love You
16. Where Is the Circus
17. Sundown Mary
18. I Need Someone to Hold Me
19. Back to the Bar
20. Good to Be Back Home Again
21. The Older the Violin
22. Lady Preacher
23. I Just Want to Dance with You
24. I'll Have a Blue Christmas
25. Forgiving You is Easy